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The reasons why

"How easy it is to get caught up in whatever distraction our lives may face, leading us away from our purpose and destiny. Gods word is living and active, sharper than a two-edged sword - piercing through the thoughts and attitudes of our hearts. Our lives are laid bare before our Maker, nothing hidden and we are accountable. 

We forget these, maybe because a desire becomes as we assume more than we can handle or the pressures of life weigh and drag us down. Whatever it may be remember that God is always and forever more than enough for us. He gives us only what we can handle and grace to overcome. In Hebrews it says, we can go with confidence to God, He knows and identifies with our life, what we go through, our challenges and He enables us to overcome, to live our life with a greater purpose and a destiny we cannot even imagine! "




Johanna & Paul Moses

Johanna is a Physician Assistant and also holds a MPH degree. Johanna has had a passion for International Community Development, Missions and Health. By starting this non-profit organization, Johanna desires to continue in her parents footsteps of sharing the love of Christ to others through the Ephraim Foundation International, Inc. 

Paul is an Electrical Engineer and Assistant Professor and also comes from similar background as his wife, Johanna. Paul's parents Dr. Danny and Mrs. Vasanthy Moses have also lived their whole lives serving and helping others. They still minister and provide help to people in Sri Lanka. 

The similarities in family background and ministry is what brought Paul and Johanna together in the first place! They have a shared love for Jesus and want to do what they can through these projects to bring hope, love and the light of Gods' salvation which brings a peace and joy that surpasses all understanding. 

In Honor of
Rev. Dr. David Ephraim

The Ephraim Foundation International, Inc was founded in honor of Johanna's Father; Dr. David Ephraim who lived to serve others and share the hope and love of the Gospel of Christ Jesus to all. Rev. David Ephraim planted several Churches and a Church leadership organization in Sri Lanka. His love and passion for those in need inspired Johanna to pursue this dream of continuing to lend a helping hand to others.  

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